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Books I've Illustrated

Rock Stars:  The rise, fall, and rise of 80's glam frontmen into pop culture.

ROCK STARS is a look back and forward with the glam metal singers from the eighties. ". . .Wearing tight acid washed jeans, Jon Bon Jovi made no qualms about putting "pop" back into rock. Videos focused on his ass made it appear there was an unspoken jeans rivalry between Jon and Joe Elliot of Def Lepard. . ."". . .In hindsight there were signs Rob Halford was gay. The video for "Hot Rockin" was pretty much just a bunch of guys working out in a gym. Hello!!. . ."". . .Sebastian Bach and Skid Row made music for the kids smoking cigarettes behind the school. Essentially, Sebastian Bach made music for the bad kid in The Breakfast Club. . ."Twenty-eight mini-profiles detailing strengths, weaknesses, and X factors ranging from Kip Winger's hair, David Lee Roth's use of the microphone, to Bret Michaels reality series comeback

Blood:  The New Red

What would Stephen Tyler do? Mickey, an ex-adult movie star turned supermodel, has to choose between two Johnsons-should he align himself with fashion icon Paul Johnson, the cigar smoking, micromanaging, chainsaw wielding megalomaniac, or Sandy Johnson, the flamboyant, murderous, vindictive narcissist? Which designer can propel Mickey to the top of Seventh Avenue?

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