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Hometown Blues
The Sweet Song
Lady Day
The Resurrection
El Guitarista Solitario
River City Brewery
Satchel Paige
The Blue Room
Bomb It
The Spider
Lady in Black
The Sax
Foggy Blues

My paintings represent an interaction between the viewer and a two dimensional object, a relationship between body movement and an altered view.  The exaggerated perspective induces both the viewer and the painting to simultaneously interact with each other.  The hand pushes through the canvas to reach the outside world, intruding on the viewer's space yet drawing them into the painting.  This convergence of space allows the viewer to be part of the scene by experiencing the painting from the inside.­­­


 My theme incorporates a style reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century Ashcan School.  Though inspired by this period, I am not repeating what has gone before.  My new interpretation merges this style with urban art.  Combining these styles with the addition of the exaggerated perspective, I have created a distinct body of work.  Initially traditional jazz was my muse, but I have begun to incorporate other interests into this style.  This will initiate new ideas and help push the boundaries of the theme.  I have noticed an illustrative style that has evolved through the progression of this body of work. 

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